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Low-priced soft and smooth silicone oil(K-898)

2023-11-28 12:00:00

GDKF silicon oil is a physiologically inert substance. It has almost no skin irritation, eye irritation, or acute toxicity and is harmless unless ingested in large quantities. However, when heated to a temperature of 150°C or higher in an air atmosphere, a small amount of harmful formaldehyde may be produced.

Silicon oil is a stable substance even at high temperatures, but some of it is a designated flammable substance (flammable liquids) under the Fire Service Law. Such substances must be managed in appropriate quantities and under appropriate storage conditions in accordance with the law.

Today we will introduce a silicone softener product. 

It is called Low-priced soft and smooth silicone oil(K-898)


Its physical appearance is White sticky liquid.


Its drying solid content is 60%.


It has characteristics like high concentration, hydrophobic, low yellowing, soft and smooth hand feel after treatment.


It can be used for polyester cotton, knitted cotton, and blended fabrics.


If you are interested in this product, welcome to contact us for free sample.